whats the difference? whats beter?
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Well, Maple fretboards add 5 nps to your playing and Rosewood adds +5 feel points.

no real difference.
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Depends on which color you get. I got maple with my sunburst because it looked better.
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I'm a fan of maple. That's what my strat has, and I just think it feels better. IMO I think I play cleaner and faster with a maple rather than a rosewood fret board.
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Maple produces a brighter sound and is harder than Rosewood. Rosewood produces a darker sound and is softer. Thing is, it really doesn't prove much on Electric Guitars, seeing how the amp and pickups make like 99% of the sound.

It's mostly preference. Try guitars with maple and rosewood fretboards and then decide which you like better. I'm kinda in the middle.
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Even if it doesn't make a difference, I personally like ebony.
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Maple is awesome!
u can get sweet sweat stains and they look cool
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Doesn't matter to me, but I think I like rosewood a bit more...though I have it all...a maple, a rosewood, and two ebonies...
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My Strat is maple and my acoustic is rosewood.
Rosewood is not as sturdy as maple is, therefore after about one year of play you will notice little cracks in Rosewood, as opposed to maple, which is much harder and produces a brighter sound. I like maple, just cuz it looks better on my strat and is much smoother in my opinion for electric
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I like maple on guitars that I want to look classy and old, like my '76 P bass. I like rosewood on more artistic guitars like my hollowbody.
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i like my maple neck on my telecaster, sounds sweet as and its really bright sounding, so i kill the treble on the amp and it sound heavy as...

think tom morello
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Maple cause I think it's easier to slide around the fretboard with. I have no idea but mine is maple and I like it so maple FTW.
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I like to contrast, so if my guitar is dark, then maple, if its light then rosewood