Alright so i have a fender strat pack and a fender precision bass pack
both came with a guitar and an amp. i also have a line 6 podxt live pedal.
the problem is that i dont get enough bass out of my guitar amp when playing electric guitar so i was wondering if it is okay to play through my pedal out to both the guitar amp and bass amp with a sufficeent volume to sound good. i dont want to damage the bass amp. i was also wondering if the bass is okay to play through the guitar amp? i was thinking that when i play my guitar out both i would have the guitar amp handling the high end freq. and the bass amp handling the low. they would equally share the mids. Will this damage anything
i do that some times, only on clean tho. cuz my guitar amp would have overdrive and my bass would be clean :P
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no it wont damage your bass amp to play your guitar thru it --- long time ago fender bassman amps were used by some guitar players but you may damage your guitar amp if you play your bass thru it - hope it helps