Theres an amazing metal band called Wolf and if youre a metalhead like myself but still like decent melody in a song then check them out...

...the only problem is that i cant find any of their material on UG. Theres many songs by less popular groups such as Avantasia but i thought i might just be missing something

Avantasia is maybe unknown for ya, but there are lots of people that know avantasia, i woudl say more than wolf.
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Wolf is one of the popular bands that my friend's band "Wolven Ancestry" listens too, along with the band called Ulver which is wolf in some language (i sincerely forget). Yes they are very melodic and epic in their music for sure.
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yeah i mean im not saying Avantasia isnt popular...

but if anyone knows where to get Wolf tabs it would be much appreciated because i just cant tab it for some reason