Ive been playing bass for almost 4 years now and I am looking to start a band or find ppl to jam with
heyy buddy!!!!

were abouts do u live and what kind of music do u like!!! I ve been playing guitar for about four years as well and me and my buddies have been looking for a expierenced bassist and drummer were all 17 how old r u?? Email me at jacob.x.mis@hotmail.com

P.S. dont wrry bout the account name its not mine!!!
Im 18 years old...i live near erin mills and dundas but i can pretty much go any where and i pretty much listen to everything but really like metal...just to let u know i dont have that much experience in jamming but im a very fast learner
Me and my pal are looking to start a band real soon, hopefully play some shows in the near future aswell. We love Metallica and Megadeth and Iron Maiden and all those other metal bands. We live on Dundas and Mavis. If you wanna contact us for more info here's our emails.

Mine : ktulu_1903@hotmail.com

My friends : s_stansal@hotmail.com

Talk to him first, he's you age therfore you can relate.