I really like her i think she is probably the most talented singer i've seen in quite awhile. Also she is beautiful... not that whory pretty either that just that actual prettiness.
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yup. Your right she is... Now Jay-z is gonna pop a cap in yo ass and dump you out. He'll kill you like drug money n***a!
Joss Stone is by FARR my girlfriend tho...
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Man Beyonce is a fox nice ass too, and voice
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ughh can't stand her. I dont find her hot, music is annoying to me, but w/e makes you happy.
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Wow, that looks extremely good, thank you mcuhly RadioHead22, for your amazing gift of foodiness.

All I know is that I would definitely put my tongue in her ass.
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Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
i don't listen to her music but she does have a nice voice. she definitely has talent and she's very pretty too.
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