Ok I know Kerry has his VJ mod thread and Im not trying to steal his glory, because god knows he helped me with some of this stuff on mine. But I wanted to show mine off a little too.

Know heres my modded VJ head.

All I did to it was mod the R1 and R2 resistors in the input and put in a 1M at R1 and a 22K at R2. Then I added an SPST jumper on the R6 resistor for a gain switch. Finally I put a 250K audio pot in the place of the R5 resistor to get a master volume control.

My next mods are going to be just changing the tubes from the stock Sovteks to a set of JJ tubes. But for now Im pretty happy with the sound and with myself for getting through these mods.

All of these mods have done wonders for sound improvement and tonal versatility.

I would like to especially thank Kerry for helping me where he did on this.
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Great job man! Looks very similar to mine (with the same knobs and stuff). Good job. I am going to do 1 or 2 more mods on mine tomarrow. Thanks for the thanks. Let me know if you have any more questions.

If yall know of a site that I can host and post videos I'll get some clips up for you guys.

And Im glad yall like it, I know I do.
How gainy does it get?
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Heres the clips yall wanted. I honestly dont remeber what is what but you will get the idea. The heavier ones are running through my distortion pedal, but I through those in to show exactly how heavy this thing can get. But remeber this isnt completely dimed out.

Also I was tired so cut me some slack on my playing in these ok.




EDIT: The first video is of the amp with the gain switch off and only the input resistor mod going.

The second video is with the gain switch on.

Th last two are with the pedals. I cant tell a huge difference with the gain switch right now, but Im betting when its cranked it will really shine out.

Last vid hasnt processed yet, so Ill post it tomorrow along with videos of the amp actually dimed out.
Alright I didnt get a chance to get any videos of it dimed because when I cranked it I just about blew the speaker I am using. So until I get my cab I wont be able to give yall any videos of it cranked.

The mods I did, did a number on the master volume. I was able to crank it pretty easily without problem from my combo, but after the mods I am almost blowing my speaker at about 70%.

Sorry, but I figured I would give yall the update.
Alright final picture of my finished VJ.

Has a gain switch, master volume, modded input resistors, and a tirode switch.

I will post sound clips soon.

so all you did to get a master volume was place a 250K pot where that resistor was?

would that make it better than the combo's? its a shitload cheaper if you do it that way for sure and able to crack it at very low volumes.. good news for me!!!

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Yeah. The master volume replaces the resistor. Really simple and incredibly effective. And yeah considering you could do this to the combo but you still pay an extra $50 for the speakerm so if you have a cab this is the way to go.

Ill post some more vids later so yall can see just how versatile this thing has become. I may even replace the C3 cap with a bigger one for added gain.