How versatile is the B-52 in comparison to the Peavey? And can the Peavey do metal at all? I would like to get sound from an amp that can do a sound like say Fall of Troy's but can also get a sound like Paul Gilbert or even something like Yngwie. Pedals aren't a problem, so if i need a booster for the versatility, suggest some. Thanks
the b-52

im not sure if peavey classics would suit metal.

but the b-52 does
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I find the B 52 too buzzy.
I hear a tube change fixes that. In any case, B-52 ftw!
ive been looking at the 112 too, but i have my doubts about it in comoparison to the higher end b-52's, because it only has one gain setting, and no switchable recto types. thoughts?
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B-52, there is slight buzzing if you have the gain up really high (7-9 area) but nothing a noise gate can't fix. The ISP Decimator works perfect for mine.

Besides that the amp is very versatile..

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The Peavey won't do metal by itself.
Good amp, but not very high in gain.
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No, it wouldn't, get the B-52.


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Alright, so everyone that posted is saying I can get BOTH the fall of troy like distortion and then a metal distortion in a B-52?
My Gear:
-Schecter C-1 Plus (Vintage Sunburst)
-B-52 AT-212 Tube Combo
-ZW-44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive
-Digitech RP350 Multi-Effects Pedal
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I've heard Comparison clips of a B-52 and a Mesa Dual Recto. The guy was able to dial in metal tones that sounded just like the Mesa.

Get the B-52 if you want metal.
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^ If youre talking about the one Im thinking of..lol That guy EQed both amps soooo horribly. It sounded like a wet buttcrack fart.

But yeah. Idk dude. The B-52 is great FOR THE PRICE. But you might need an EQ pedal + an OD to get somewhat close to the Fall of Troy's sound. IMO.
The Peavey, ill admit, is hard to get a good 'metal' sound, but you can if your willing to invest in pedals (which you say you are) as it hasnt got much gain on its own.

But hey, theres never a problem with buying an EQ pedal and OD/dist (whichever you prefer)