a Behringer VD1 Distortion or a boss ds-1

keep in mind that i'm only a bedroom guitarist looking for a cheap distortion pedal to practise with so dont tell that those two suck and get something better, i won't be gigging or anything . Ill be playing them through a valve junior. My music ranges from jim hendrix to the smashing pumpkins. What are some of the pro and cos of those two pedals. if there are any similar priced distortion pedals please recommend some.

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yeah i would go with the ds-1, great distortion for the bedroom guitarist but also good enough to be used by steve vai every once in a while, the only con to the ds though you can't really shape much of it... but hey its a good all round distortion to begin with

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i have never used the behringer, but i have the ds-1 and for bedroom use its fine, but if you have a valve, junior, if you just crank that thing you know youll get natural, warm distortion, way better than any of those pedals. now if you want something that you can get feedback with though, the pedals will help, the ds-1, from my experience is pretty good, it has a level and gain controls, and a volume, you can get some bluesy distortion, to crunchy stuff, to metal, not too too heavy metal but enough for your purposes. you will end up getting some feedback though, and it gets very sensitive to picking and moving your fingers/hand. other than that its pretty good.
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the ds-1 can (kind of, not really, don't flame me) do overdriveny sounds like heavy blues and it can go pretty damn metal as well. it's a good all-around distortion pedal, versatile, cheap, and it responds to your playing instead of making it super mushy sounding. i mean... steve vai uses (used?) it, so it can't be too bad, right?
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Not to diss your choices or anything, but both Hendrix and Smashing Pumpkins are more of a fuzz sound. I'm not too up on Pumkins, but I hear they use a Big Muff and Hendrix is fuzz face all the way. So, maybe a good fuzz is what you're looking for? But, between your two choices, I'd go for the DS-1.
I have the DS-1 it's pretty good for what your paying. A nice little distortion pedal.
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check out the bbe fuzz pedal.. its pretty good.

also the dunlop fuzz pedal.

both will fit in with both styles.

the octavia is a hendrix pedal, the fender blender is a smashing pumpkins pedal.

of the two you suggested id take the ds-1.. frusciante uses one.

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If I am going for an Opeth/Metallica style sound, what kind of pedal would you guys suggest? I can use the gain on my amp and it sounds pretty good, but I've also tried the DS-1 out and I thought it sounded pretty solid.
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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


DS-1.....not only does Vai use it but so does Satch (btw if anyone wants to know what satch's settings are on it, pm me)
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I have DS-1 on my ME-50, and it rocks, if your more into classic rock. If you want metal though, go for MT-2
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DS-1.....not only does Vai use it but so does Satch (btw if anyone wants to know what satch's settings are on it, pm me)

Joe used the DS-1 with his old Marshall touring rig. I dont know if he uses it anymore with his Peavey JSX amps.
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