my old guitar teacher has decided to sell his laney lc30, dual channel 4 valve uk made amp. he has offered me about $450 aus to buy it. is it worth it any opinions about the amp would be good.
any help appreciated.
They sell for 3 times that new so it's definately a good price, it basically comes down to whether you like it or not. Have you played it? If you have do you like how it sounds? If you haven't is there any chance you could get to play it.

They are good amps and if it's a tone your after then it's definately worth it at that price.
It's a good amp - I nearly bougt one a while ago. Very fat clean channel, and the drive continues where it leaves off. It's got it's own sound on the drive channel, but still pretty nice.
I think it's fair to warn you that if you don't have a car, it could be a pain to lug to gigs with a guitar or 2. Although it's only a 1x12, it probably weighs a fair bit (I didn't pick it up so I don't know for sure), although this is the case with almost any valve amp.

If you like the amp, buy it and I'm sure you'll be very happy.

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Go and play it, then if you like it that much, buy it.
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