A couple of months ago I was thinking about buying a new guitar so I went for the IBANEZ S470 DXQM TL and I must say "so far, so good" , I mean, I really like this guitar because is very versatil and the ZR system does what it says (2 months playing and I did not have tuning problems yet, stays in tune really well, the way it's supposed to ) but as you know the original pickups on this guitar are not the best part of it and with that in mind I need to know which would be the ones that fit the most my guitar style and that is something like this (in no particular order):

* The Smiths
* The Police
* Pink Floyd
* Led Zeppelin
* U2
* Tom Petty
* Slash
* Steve Vai
* Nuno Bettencourt
* Steve Stevens

So as you can see this is not an easy task (and besides I don't want to mess up by choosing the wrong pickup and a second opinion never killed anybody, right? )

I'm all ears so if by any chance you can help me out on this one I would like to know your opinion so I can have a good idea about the final election of the Neck, Middle and Bridge Pickups I need to buy, I will appreciate the tip.

Thanks in advance!!
Swinesheads are always a good option, but as for which ones you're probably better off emailing them, tell them what guitar you have, what amp and the music you like. He should be able to help you.