So, i'm gonna go right ahead and post this little something, something for you guys to rip apart at your leisure...but seriously and constructive crits would be much appreciated.

First a little background...i wrote this after watching far to many pirate movies one day not to long ago...so yeah...enjoy...

"The Bloody Lining On The Beaches"

A bloody lining on the beaches,
Like the crimson tasselled features,
That line my cabin today,
This is the only way for me,
We’ve created some vicious fighters,
Loyal men, unholy blighters,
As we run them all aground
The darkness begins to surround…

As the greed gets to you,
You’ve got ideas; what you wanna do
Take this all from me,
Your ideas of mutiny

It wasn’t what we set out for,
This bounty’s meaningless in war,
The blood is spilling from our hearts,
While our hope slowly departs,
(The) seer could never have for-told,
The fights we’ve won, the souls we’ve sold,
But after all I’ve done for you,
You take it back from me in lieu…

The prizes you have one,
The many drunken songs we’ve sung,
You take this all back from me,
With your blood-soaked mutiny

Cutlasses are tearing us apart,
Slicing the veins, starving all our hearts,
Of this most precious blood we’ve spilt,
Our barrels, filled up to the hilt
With ‘redrum’ and red wine,
You cut my throat, my vital signs,
Fade away, here’s your victory,
Fade away, you took it all from me

You’re riding away with my ship,
My men on board stand hip to hip,
One final salute out to me,
Your one and only victory