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Team Team #3
6 50%
Team Wee Bangkok 4-phun
6 50%
Voters: 12.
Vote on the overall quality of the two pieces combined, not for which team has your favorite piece, but which team had the better overall two pieces.


Advertencia : No invertir las polaridades. No recargar or arrojar al fuego - pueden explotar o chorrear.

You're leaking out.
Out of your cell, out of your shell, out of yourself.
Didn't expect such a response.
You tidal wave
in a spring pond.

Where will we sit and drink from now on? Where will we skate when winter comes?
You're measurable in kilometers, your smallest breath means acid burn.
This all grows out of proportions, you glycerin, you marathon...

You overloaded little machine
You lopsided energy field
Stimulated and then unleashed
In a sudden and continuous
Cacophonous cataclysm

Unstoppable monologue, that I'm unable to fondle, cuddle.
Leaving nothing but one lone available
Direction : Crematorium

You power source, nonchargeable,
You inverted negative pole.
You small alkaline cylinder
Standing too close to raging fire

Unstoppable loud strident noises. The atmosphere is filled with discontinuous words.
Unstoppable threatening noise. Unstoppable. Harassing noise.

Alright, alright!
I'll make you talk.
Stop flooding out high-pitched answers,
Just refute those fears without falter :
Who what when where and mostly why? How does it feels for one to die?
I want a complete report on
the pros and cons of exploding
Printed on my desk
By Monday morning.


"i am somebody. i am somebody. i am somebody. i am somebody. i am somebody. i am somebody. i am some body"

a monument is constructed in memory of a mundane moon,
in lieu of an aptly delusional dirge;
whose carved-over descriptions would dress the headstone,
as ivy would drape across the ivory-towered mourners,
who repudiate the fact or lie of life after death.

so instead of those words,
they'll fashion a tarnished crucifix
from broken twigs mixed with mud.
face it towards a dust-stained wall,
and claim it's ashamed, or abandoning us all.

while we'd wade through this distraught town,
we'd attempt to embrace the statue-esque crowds
after we've buried ourselves underneath
anything that'd make us feel better.

and the deconstruction of these masses
is overbearing and the heavens fall.
but this funeral is postponed,
as ashen snow dances with the clouds.

and it's something beautiful that we just don't quite understand,
but we'll all rejoice and imagine what life will be like after we finally can.
until then we'll bound ourselves to prayer and attempt to transcend;
the ones who've given up on sleep.
the ones who've given up on each other.
the ones who've given up on themselves.
the ones who've given up only in the end.

but never once before, because there always seemed to be something worth fighting for.
there was always something worse fighting towards.


Team Wee Bangkok 4-phun

Why December 21st Was Better Than 95% of the Junior Class [Wreaths->Wraiths->Memory]

I mean—
The parking lot is full of litter so I try to hurry through
But when I reach the automatic doors I pause and
Place my hand over a green, chapped, wreath, white with adhesive Christmas.
In the foreground chainsaws sparkle beats through metal hemlock;
Smoldering wraiths fly out of my mouth and I smile and turn to remember why I’m not an artist:

December 21st, 3:08 PM.

Beauty means—
Empty the souvenir shot glass onto the wrapping paper and watch the color swirl;
—in with the tinsel—in with pining pupils—
Out with the vanilla veins, tapioca roots—eyelashes—
We are stealing straws and, I’m afraid I’m scared of what
Beauty means—

December 21st, 3:09 PM.

I mean—
I dust the dusk off the brown cherry eyes—but they only stare, glazed, at the decorated orbs in the sky,
I cradle the dying circle of wrapped leaves and heave them up to the hook. In the foreground
Sparks of ice freeze to whirring festive daggers, purring broken gibberish
To rattle the westbound evergreen needles—you still say that I am an artist and I still don’t buy it.

December 21st, 3:10 PM.

Art means—
We are burning haze
Choked up by the Gold leaf coating our throats with silver fruit,
We are steam—
Coming from playful hands fighting one another
Over dreams. We are beings of steam—
Coming from four longing lips dripping tea leaves
Onto ‘love, your secret Santa’ and seductress cardboard.
We breathe vapor onto one another and, I’m afraid I’m scared of what
Art means—

December 21st, 3:11 PM

I mean—
I take up my trowel to the chorus of falling foliage
And extinguish the spray-on Wreath with soil—it reeks of Christmas—
Tinsel cuts locks out of my hair until they lay a curly crimson against the plastic Albertson’s bags
Floating like snowflakes in the background—no two bags are the same.

December 21st, 3:12 PM

Beauty meant memories. [Beauty means memories]
Art meant memories. [Art means memories]
No two bags are the same. But I remember them.
No wreath, no tree, no voice is ever the same. But I remember them.
We'll never have yesterday again. But I'll remember December 21st 2006 forever, all four hours of it.

Well what do you know Hilary,
I guess I am an artist, huh?
I mean—who knew?


To Cemetery Dawn, You Will Forever Be Loved

I dipped my lead in acid to stare and watch expression
Run to the lights of New York Square. To lose
Myself in the lava and ash of poetry saturating
my mind in the crevices burnt into the ground
Into Temporal Square.
Into Chinatown.
Into the High scholar’s mind.
Where I turned my lead into heroine hospitals for a fix.
So I could fly, fly to the wine drunken jumpers of Washington.
Yelling, mouth shuddering, battered bleak of theory, at
Brooklyn Bridge, at the Bronx, at the white wigs of ancestry.
Into Crusades.
Into Jefferson.
Into a knight’s shield.
To break my legs to the lords of Christianity, to the doctors of a fix
To a pimp seeking sex breathing in the haze of Mexico City.
I twist my arms to Madison Avenue, to Second Street
Where love was found in the back seat of an Avenger
For Cemetery Dawn,
You will forever be loved.

I'm gonna be the ass that breaks the tie. Ironically I have a nice tight ass...but (itsnot) for you all to know.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Ehhh. It's fun to see people like Pinktuxdude and Trojan that don't have 50 post altogether in over 3-4 years of membership both vote for the other team.

I might be paranoid.

Still, I think our's better.
I'll be a doubtful selfish bad little guy and vote for our team...
Mathieu (tell me if I'm spelling it wrong), I loved your piece, probably the best I've read this year (all 13 days of it). I for one think you guys have the better pieces but... I just cant bring myself to vote for the competition when this is so close... I hope you understand... I dont like being involved with something I'm already involved with if that makes sense.
Pinktuxdude needs to be checked, my poll was invaded by him and another "newb" I'm thinking about taking his votes off both polls. Because he's never shown his face around this parts and he comes in votes specifically on both these pieces.
Quote by #1 synth
Mathieu (tell me if I'm spelling it wrong), I loved your piece, probably the best I've read this year (all 13 days of it). I for one think you guys have the better pieces but... I just cant bring myself to vote for the competition when this is so close... I hope you understand... I dont like being involved with something I'm already involved with if that makes sense.

Man I totally understand what you mean, I don't think it's that good though. Keenan's piece is one of the best in the comp imo.

However, I mean, I already voted for ourselves which is something I barely ever do so don't worry. I already feel bad for that, if we lose, it'll be a fair lose, it's just that the 2 go-ahed votes were from people that don't hang in S+L, that barely ever post on UG etc. No matter how light-heartedly is my attitude towards the comps in general, it's just rang a bell here. You probably understand.

Edit : meh, just cancel my vote, or synth vote for yourself so it's even or something.
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uh, he voted on more than these two polls, he voted on my other 1 vs. 1 too. I think he just likes to vote ... I mean, check him out to see if he's legit and everything if you want but I see no reason to really suspect him of anything, n00bs come in here all the time just to vote and then are never seen in S&L again.

I think you guys are paranoid... and I just realized how incriminating this post looks for me

O well