UP for sale is a Gibson Sg Standard in Heritage Red.
Aussie buyers only.

Played couple of times. Bought around Christmas time.

Almost brand new with a few tiny marks. barely noticeable.

Pickup in Sydney. Or post at your own expense.

$2100 or best offer.

ask for pictures and i'll email them to you.

contact: M_I_K_E_Z@hotmail.com if your interested.
$2100!?!?!? Are you insane!?!?

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Quote by awesomegear16
$2100!?!?!? Are you insane!?!?

australian dollars.

i bought it $2399 new
Quote by Syn666Gates
nah dats the normal shop price for australia.

Lol didnt think you would take that... I dont really like sg's anyway... I would have re-sold it haha....
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