have several question just to confirm if my understanding (based on the very noob friendly guide) posted by a true gentleman here on U.G.

in this tab

D <---(what does this mean? is this a chord?) BM
pm <---(what does this mean as well?) pm

If Im not mistaken the numbers in the strings indicate which fret you're going to push the string

soo if G is (7) and in D string you have to push the fret's (7) and (9) simultaneously and in the A string you have to push the (5th) fret of the A string, then what does the letter on top of the (pm) symbol which is (D) mean?

I mean If im going to use the D chord(if that is what the letter D on top of pm means) I have to push the 2nd fret for the (E) and (G) and the third fret for the (B)

string then how am I going to play the indicated numbers in the strings of G which is (7) and in the strings of D there are (7) and (9)? and in the string of E there's (9)?

hope it made sense hehe english isnt my forte sorry if my grammar is incorrect hehehe but Im trying hehehe hopefully Ill improve sometime

and thanks for reading my post and thanks to the guys who would help me solve this problem of mine heheh
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btw the tablature is taken from the "preverse" part of the song "narda" by kamikazee (version 3) (a detailed diagram of how to play the lead guitar) which can be found here on ultimate guitar .com
the pm means"palm mute" you do that by lightly resting the left side of your inner right palm on the brigdge so that it dampens the sound slightly. As far as playing all the notes at once, you use your index finger on the 5(A), and your ring finger for the (7) on the D and G strings.
this is a d chord, it is a power chord with its root being the 5th fret on the A string which is a D note
ohhh so that must mean Im playing the D chord regardles of what fret it would be played on?

I mean the original D chord is played in the 2nd and 3rd frets right?

so in essence it's kind of like a modified D chord with it being played on the 5th and 7th chords?

heheh I kinda get it now thanks for your helps sir astrocreep and sir bmac I really appreciate it thak you very much for your time and the replies you gave hehehe

it's a big help

UG is the best!!!