i am looking to get an MP3 player...my budget is about $150....$200 tops. i am looking for about 2gb's. and i was looking at the 2gb iPod Nano. any suggestions?

i cant wait for a 1tb mp3 player.
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Man save another 100 and get a 30 mb. It's totally worth it. it's only 160% of what your looking to pay, and 15 times the space.
hold off to buy for just a bit. apple is having a conference i believe this week and will announce if any 'new' items are in the works. if not do what astrocreep said
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Man save another 100 and get a 30 mb. It's totally worth it. it's only 160% of what your looking to pay, and 15 times the space.

i am sure you meant the 30gb...but i knew what you meant.

the problem is that is going to be a gift for my b-day...so i kinda wanted to keep it cheep for my parents...thought i might just throw in some cash and have them pay the rest.
just go with the nano, i just got a 2 gig nano about a month ago and couldn't be happier. plenty of room, and its not all bulky like the larger ipods. who needs video or any of that crap anyway?
well since your parents are getting it, then 2 is good, you just have to manually adjust exactly what you want on there when it starts to fill up. I think though if you have a computer on which you can manually manage what's on it, a 2g is a nice score on a birthday gift. If they are willing to get a 4, then take that. I have to share my iTunes account with my girl who listens to crap, that's why I recommend as much space as you can get. It can get frustrating when someone else is adding songs.
yea i hate that whole thing where it synchronizes like everything on your library to your ipod. like i had a bunch of songs on my ipod that werent on my itunes because i wiped my computer, and i was trying to get some new songs on my ipod while i was in the process of putting all the old music back onto the comp via cds and crap, and when i went to put the new cds on it made me wipe my ipod of everything except what was on the itunes, and i had to reload all my music back onto the itunes and THEN put it all back onto my ipod... what a drag. it should let you freaking transfer all your non-purchased items from your ipod to your itunes, not just the purchased ones. there were some files i didnt have cds for where i had to dig out an old mp3 player, put the files on my comp, dl an mp3 converter, convert them to mp3s, rename them so they'd be in order, 1. 2. 3. etc, so the names now suck, and then put them onto itunes. real buzzkill. it was hard to mellow out to like "1983 a merman i should turn to be" after that ordeal.