Lighting farts would be a funny science project, please, does someone have any knowledge or stories of this actually happening?

*crosses fingers*

I saw this on mythbusters, so I can't claim it to be mine....

Show the fastest way to cool a 6-pack

They tested the following, listed best to worst

fire extinguisher (portable kitchen style)
salt and ice water
ice water
ice only
fridge ]
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Just do something about water in its different states and how its maximum density is at 4 degrees, and the importance of that fact...
get a gummy bear and melt it in a test tube to it becomes a liquid... then pour it into a test tube filled with herbicide...

sugar + herbicide = explosion

C12H22O11 + C2H3ClO2 = KABOOM!!!!!!

EDIT: i too saw this on mythbusters
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"the works" and tin foil in a sealed bottle... just not in the room..
I dont know...

Lets talk about the weather!

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Give them a demonstration on semen & ejaculations.
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Give them a demonstration on semen & ejaculations.

lol, I can imagine some nerdy science kids beatin their meat.

"Ohhh, the chick from Star Trek, the chick from Star Trekkkkkk!"

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lol, I can imagine some nerdy science kids beatin their meat.

"Ohhh, the chick from Star Trek, the chick from Star Trekkkkkk!"

Oh, Yeah! Warp speed Mr. Sulu!!!!!
4 words: Mentos and Diet Coke.
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Do something involving electromagnetic induction. They would be impressed, especially since it has a huge impact on the world, unlike Mentos and Diet Coke.
do what i did for my one last year. i filled 6 bottles with different levels or Carbon Dioxide (CO2) one was 10%, one was 20%, 50%, 80%, 100% and a control which was normal air. put thermometers in them and stuck them out in the sun for a few days. then every hour i would go out and record the temperatures. then did heaps of background research on global warming and effects etc.

hypothesis was that carbon dioxide contributes to increasing temperature or something like that.... worked out well i got an A+
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