any suggestions? been on guitar ages, been on UG ages, lifted weights ages, watched tv a little... now im bored as ****... and no i dont have any alcahole nor do i want buttsecks
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IRC perhaps?

I was just about to suggest the same...
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10/10 you gloriously peculiar chatter Voltan rocks.

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that's hot voltan
Have a wank, and smear the sperm all over your face, eh?
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Instead of using Valves, could I use Light Bulbs instead? If so, would the new energy saving ones be OK? Coz I do a lot of playing

I got my pick stuck inside my guitar . . . . how am I supposed to get it out?
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Have a wank, and smear the sperm all over your face, eh?

already done it, now why dont you be a man and try?
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nor do i want buttsecks

damn that was gonna be my first suggestion!
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Well if that helps, I'm stuck at work for another 7 hours, there hadn't been a single call yet and I've got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do. There now.
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