I recorded this one against pre-recorded drums. The verse riffs came to me when just noodling around, and the chorus riffs have been floating in my head for months without a home. I kind of improvised the solo on the spot so please excuse the sloppiness (and the sometimes sloppy editing). Let me know what you think, and I'll be happy to critique all of your songs!
I like the riff.. sounds like a Tom Morello riff, but with enough other flavors to make it your own, so its good. It did get old after a little while, but thats because theres no vocals.. If you had Chris Cornell singing over this it would be grand.

However, the Morello scratching before the solo was over the top. I would take that out. The solo is great without it.

My only other complaint has to do with the relation between the chorus and the verse. It doesnt seem to change pace or feel at all, just the notes you are playing, which makes it feel like a weak chorus. I think because the verse is so driving, a half-time slower chorus would be really effective. Just an idea. But there really is no dynamic change between the verse and chorus, which makes it all feel like one really long verse until the solo.
hmmm.....the main riff is very cool I like it!!......maybe try adding vocals, coz like that the song gets a little boring.
As for the chorus....i disagree with the poster above ....I like the way it changes...it doesn't change too much...but thats ok...!
And...yeah.....try removing the riff when the solo starts.....maybe put just a bass line under it....or just some power chords.
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I liked it alot. I was like ok this is getting old then i heard that wonderful sound. That scratching and solo are awesome. Most people say you need a singer, but everyone that doesnt have a singer, needs one . I had to listen to it again, just to hear the scratching.
sweet. the proggresion was a bit borring. great drums. i'm really impressed at your drumming skills.
thanks for the crit.
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