I've seen a lot of websites that sell guitar woods and other luthier supplies. apart from visual appearence of the wood, is there a way of telling which wood is good quality.
like if a fairly reputable store says that this maple neck blank is only X amount of dollars, how can you be sure it is any good? and the same goes for hardware like bridges, tuners, etc.
sorry if this sounds dumb.
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Buying on the net without seeing it you can't really tell wether it's "good" or not. Usually you get what you pay for. Buy for a reputable dealer and you'll be fine.
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bridges... are tough... although depending on the type of bridge you are getting... will determine whether brand REALLY matters... as sfar as tuners go... grover... are fantastic...
Its hard to tell a good piece from a bad one in electric guitar's case, but if you are looking at an acoustic guitar top or other parts, its quite simple to check the quality. but in case of electrics, u might wanna see if it has a bearclaw (go to wiki) on it somewhere. Usually its a good sign as bearclaws appear in old tree woods only.
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There's no such thing as 'bad' tonewood. Just make sure the wood doesn't have any knots, and that it's moisture content is around 6%. Most dealers should tell you they sell knot free wood that's kiln dried to 6%-7%. That's all you need to worry about.

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