I have been working on upgrading to a Fender Standard strat, but I've seen people with really nice squiers on here. I have an old squier strat which was my first guitar, and i was wondering if it would be cheaper, to upgrade the pickups, electronics, and maybe get a maple neck instead of my crap rosewood fretboard I have now. I can get the Fender for 400$, but I have no job. Comments?
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Crap Rosewood? Even the rosewood Squier use on their fretboards is decent wood (indian not brazilian but still nice) it's the body wood that's the killer. Most Squiers are Agathis, which sounds dead and lifeless. The only Squiers worth upgrading are the ones they make from Alder, the Affinity Fat Strat and a few higher up models in their line are Alder and actually have a decent tone with a little tinkering.

But in your situation I'd save myself the screwing around and go for the fender.
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Dude, im in souther Cali, its impossible for a white guy to find a job..

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i agree with weybl, unless it's got an alder body it's just not worth it.
Haha yeah, but I will be needing a new guitar soon, and my epiphone LP special 2 just isn't doing it for me anymore. I like strats a lot better, but dont have 400$ to spend anytime soon, haha, and plus it would be a fun project, since I have the time to do it all. And if you came to southern Cali, you would see how hard it is lol. BTW at the top of my headstock it says "Affinity series". I was wondering if Fender parts can fit on Squiers too =)
Yeah, I just looked at 2 Squier rebuilds, and oh my, I'll get right to it. I'll probably make a thread of my progress. I have already made my shopping list and designed it on that one website.