Hey all. I just bought a new takamine guitar and I want to take great care of it.

When I'm not playing it, should I keep it in the case or on my guitar stand? I bought a guitar humidifier that I put in the guitar in the case for 1 night a week. I play it about every second day so should I leave it in the case or not? I'm just worried about it getting to dry outside the case....
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Hmm... the case is designed to keep the guitar in good condition. So if you're not using it, to get the maximum possible life out of it, is to keep it in your case. However, leaving it out in plain sight also gives you the motivation to play it. So I guess you can leave it in the case for that time between days, and leave it out on the day you are playing it. That seems like a good compromise.
Well either would be fine. Acoustic guitars arn't made of sugarcane... They can take a few bumps and a fair amount of lee-way in humidity, temps, etc.
Granted, I shouldnt do what I do to my guitar, but I have left my guitar out of a case in the back of my car on hot days, for weeks on end. Its only ever in its case between my room and where I decide to busk. She still plays fine, theres no warp in the neck, and the tension rod has never needed to be adjusted.

That being said, if this guitar is the equivilent to a new baby to you, I would be leaving it in the case when not in use. I have seen many guitars 40+ years old that have always been kept on a stand, that still play fine though...
Keep it in the case, if even to restore that "Guitar" smell
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I keep my guitars out most of the time. I have a dedicated music room in the house with a humidifier for the entire room set at 40-45 humidity. I also use a case humidifier that I always leave in the case. Also if you dont want to worry about knocking your guitar over get yourself a Herculie's stand.


As someone else said guitars are not made out of sugarcane but I have heard many acoustics start to develop a slight buzz n certain frets. Put a little humidity to then and they're good as new
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