The first annual (hopefully) Scottish Guitar Fair will be held at McDairmid Park Conference facilities, Perth on the 3Rd March from 10 - 5 PM

There will be an opportunity to try and buy Guitars and accessories from many different makes that lots of us dont get to see as well as the opportunity to try instruments from the UK's own builders

On top of that there will be live music, lessons and product demonstrations

Anyone interested in further info please e-mail info@guitarevents.co.uk

PS Spread the word!!!!
oh thank god.

i was forced to go to a drum fair thing in Glasgow a few months to go (it was alright though) and i was hoping for a guitar one.

though its in perth!

how far is that from glasgow?
about 30 miles or so
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I chose Perth to start off with as it is no more than an hour from every main city in Scotland and the venue is not too big or small

I will be planning to eventually do two a year but have to break the ice with this one, Any support i can get is greatley appreciated as the gospel of guitar must be spread!!

kick ass, have you got a website for this? Would love to check it out but not to sure if it will be worth it as I don't really plan on buying anything guitar related for a while (other than strings of course.)

Update us on this please, about time we had a guitar fair the isn't in london, leeds or manchester.