I recentlyish bought myself an orange stack got the ad30head and the usual 4 x 12 cab, its an amazing amp and im very proud to own it but the problem is i cant get that much distortion out of it when soloing. If i use my BOSS metal zone pedal i got all the distortion i want and need but then i get a hum from the pedal ( i think thats cos i use a power adapter but i havent tried it with a battery yet so i dont know) ive also used my big muff but only when i use the metal zone do i get a full distortion tone i need. If i just use the amps crunch or big muff then i still have a really clean tone mixed in which makes my solos sound weak ...sorry if the wording of this is bad, kinda hard to describe, any ideas on how to solve this problem?
Boss Noise Suppressor. With an X connection... if you don't use the X connection, it'll kill your sustain, but otherwise you're in the clear.
thanks is that with if i still use the metal zone though yea? and whats an x connection? :P thanks for the reply
X connection is... well... I'll pm you letting you know, don't wanna take up any more forum space... I have to find it too, but I'll let ya know.
ATM I can't find it -- and I'm out on a washroom break in the middle of school lol! What I suggest is just going to check out a Noise Suppressor -- the thing does wonders and look around on the internet for an 'X Connection' in reference to the Boss NS2... it may also go under the 'Cross Connection.' But yeah, totally get the NS2, it kills all buzz and hum and crap.
the ad is a fairly clean amp, and ive found with orange that each note comes out very clear through the amp even if you bury it in distortion. You should think about trying out new tubes. Are you going for a metal tone with your amp?? like the guy suggested before, use a noise supressor, the boss ones are nice but they dont do a great job, invest in a good rack mount supressor, like a rocktron, or get an isp decimator. THat will reduce hum and extra noise, especially if youre using somethign like a big muff! you might want to try to use another EQ ontop of your amp as well, remove some of the mids, the schoop should bring help get rid of the cleanliness of the mid frequencies, and the tone will be more supressed. OORRRR< get your hands on an Orange Rockerverb30, :|

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lmao! thanks man haha i found the pedal ill check out the x connection now have a nice day
well im looking for a qotsa/kyuss josh homme esque tone mainly see, not full on metal ,hard rock. i been thinking about selling the ad and trying out a different head but i havent had it that long and wanna see if theres anything else i can do with it. has the rockerverb got more crunch in it? reason i loved orange was actually wen i heard a lil ten watt haha the distortion in it was perfect for what i wanted strangely enough but its weird how i cant get that out of my ad head, im guessing its just the model that doesnt have much distortion like the other ones?
cool, but ya, the Rocker series have a lot more gain than the AD series for sure, im pretty sure with some pedals, maybe experimenting with different tubes, you can get the sound you want out of the AD. It might not be exactly the way you thought up in your head, but you might just develope a unique tone that only you have.

Like i started using a really low gain Vox AC30, i use it cranked, top boost channel mixed with the normal channel fully cranked, plus i overdrive the tubes even more with a Boss Blues Driver, and now i got this really awesome unique tone of my own. Anyways, good luck with it, getting the right tone takes time, im pretty sure once you get the tone you want, youll keep changing it up and trying new things, thats the fun in it!

Gibson Les Paul Studio w/dirtyfingers pickups
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Marshall 1960 4x12 cab
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haha awesome ver ytrue my friend, best to be different, even though im being slightly contradicting myself by saying that cos i want a qotsa kinda tone haha i like josh homme (besides being a massive qotsa fan, i have a tattoo to prove this.. lmao..) that josh has always tried different equipment to make his own sound which is a very respectable thing i think. thanks for the tips though i got a few things i can try out now ill have to listen to a rockerverb 30 head somehow sometime too!
Hey you have a muff, try this.

Run it at sustain/distortion at 0, volume on full, and tone set to taste. It's a cool boost.
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Crank the amp.
Throw away the MT2.
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