im learning zeps the rain song with this tuning (acoustic) DGCGCD does anyone know any other songs that use this tuning, kinda has the doobie bros. sound to it thanks for any suggestions.
ibanez rocks
Symphony X. I think Michael Romeo uses this tuning.
edit: Oopsies! I read DGCFAD. No, I don't know any other bands that use this tuning. My apologies for the stupidity. =$
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i love this tuning too. if any one knows any other songs in this tuning plz do share some names.
i dont know any other songs in this tuning, but something to think of for the Rain song: Since he doesnt use the low E (or in this case, low D string) very often, I like to tune it down to C, and at one point in the song a cello plays a low C, and it sounds awesome if you play it where the cello plays it. Listen to it if you want to understand clearer

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