yes we all know what a piece of shit she is and how much money she has made off
nirvana, but there are a couple things i want to discuss, i am a firm believer of that
she did play a part in kurts murder ,

but reading into lyrics which you dont really
even have to read into, she pretty much spells it out, in her albums, especially 'live through this' you find way too many coincidental refrences to what was actually going on and happend. What i want to know is who was the other women in Kurts life?

Jennifers body' and 'she walks over me' makes it perfectly clear she was not only pissed at kurts refusal to play hallabalooser for the 9 million or what ever iit was(which there is a track with almost astounding refrances too) BUT there was clearly another women who was involved.

I know she was pissed at him for a million reasons, but WHO was this other women??

also feel free to use this thread to pay this festering mole out but have something
intresting about what you believe theese songs refer to
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there was no murder! or was it...
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I don't know why so many Nirvana fans are like this.

I hope Courtney murdered him. Then I wouldn't dislike Cobain as much. I would also like to believe he didn't smash guitars, but, alas, there be video....
theyd wreck their set so they wouldnt have to encore...hate love not kurt
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Ibanez jem555, rg320, rg170dx
Ashton gt100 amp
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Not all lyrics are based on reality. For the same thing you could take Nevermind's lyric "No, I don't have a gun" as a statement reading "I'm not going to shoot myself".

There's a million ways you could interpret that - I don't think there's a conspiracy IMO.
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