Ok one other question. What do i do when my friend is the best at the guitar in our band but his equipment suks. Me my bass player and my drummer all have really nice shit but my friend has a first act!!!! and 15W crappy randall Amp!!!
Beat him with a flaming baseball bat?
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If he can't afford to buy new gear and you aren't gonna buy it for him, don't complain and be happy you've got talent in your band at all. Most bands these days don't. Since he's your friend anyway, why not go halfs on an amp with him? Get a used one if youre both strapped for cash. If you want something, bust your ass for it :P
Knock him out with chloroform, and strap him to a chair. When he comes to, he should be in a dark room with only one light, surrounded by you and the other band members. Explain to him the situation. If he protests, casually turn off the only hanging light, and begin to walk loudly off into the distance until he calls for you to not leave him alone.

Once he agrees, knock him out with the chloroform again. When he gets pissy later, tell him he hit his head while you were practicing, and you were worried sick.

Or, you could just go the other way, and help a brother out.
for practice u dont need great equipment anyways
and when it comes to gigging see if u can get a mate or sumthin to lend their kit while he saves for some new stuff, or while your all sortin out some money to pitch in for some new equip
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Beat him with a flaming baseball bat?

damn you beat me to it
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buy some for him? see what you can do

we need to get our guitarist a new amp, his mg100dfx is a bit.meh.
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Let him use your equiptment. If he's better than you, he deserves it.
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get fiberglass and RUB IT ON him when he is sleeping and he will be scratching(SP) for the rest of the month
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Let him use your equiptment. If he's better than you, he deserves it.

did it ever appear to u that he may not have any extra money... jeez if ure so "confused" about it go buy him some new gear
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Beat him with a flaming baseball bat?

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