'Oh, Gravity!' a recent album release by Switchfoot carries they're progresive style farther than any of they're past albums. Personally, I think the albums: 'New Way To Be Human', 'Learning To Breathe' and most of 'The Beautifal Letdown' were they're best projects. Switchfoot is a far greater Pop Rock band than a Progresive. You're Thoughts?

p.s.- Half of Nothing is Sound was OKAY. I haven't heard Oh, Gravity enough yet. But I think they're throwing away they're career on this new progresive. New producer, or New Label. I don know what it is, but it aint that great
Honestly, I thought "Nothing Is Sound" was a good album for them--I liked it better than "The Beautiful Letdown", which was too much pop. "Oh! Gravity" is really a different CD. It's got some good songs on it, but then it's also got some bland stuff on it. It's almost like they took a huge step forward with NIS and then a stepback with this new CD.
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I thought the Oh Gravity album was absolutely terrible. It was so painful, I couldn't listen to one of the songs for the full length. I don't see why anyone likes it. It's awful. I've heard better things come out of my anus.