Hey guys. I just started to draw designs on an old strat body I had laying around. I'm using a pencil to draw the images, and some areas are very detailed and small. But now I'm afraid that I wont be able to keep the same level of detail when I paint it. Are there like any kind of "paint pens" out there? Or something similar I could use to paint fine lines and details on the guitar?
Draw on an adhesive, and then cut out the desing and glue it on the body, stensiling is easy and works.
Interesting.. I never considered that. I suppose I could buy a sheet of paper and then draw images and cut them out. But even still, I'm presented with the problem of coloring in the fine details. I think colored pencils would look super tacky if I used them.

Btw, anyone know where I can find adhesive paper?
well, they do make paint pens if you are still interested in that. try going to an arts and crafts store and asking for them. they might also have some adhesive paper there as well. an art store will have quite a bit of stuff that you may find useful for doing fine detail work when painting.