Hi all, first post here. I was planning on getting an epi lp standard, but now I look, my budget can stretch to a custom. Is the upgrade worth it, or does the standard offer better value for money? Thanks.
no id just get the standard and put whatever pickups you want instead paying extra money for pickups you may not like. then again if you like the pickups in the custom get it.
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no id just get the standard and put whatever pickups you want instead paying extra money for pickups you may not like. then again if you like the pickups in the custom get it.

their the same pickups n00b

custom has a better build quality and more complex paint job [aka the bindings etc]

buy the custom [they are better]
and change the pups
You could get a slightly used elitist on ebay for about the price of a new custom that would blow the crap out of either of those.
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They are 99.9% the same, it's just the custom is a tiny bit better looking. i have the standard plus (flame top), which is basically the custom, and recommend that. TOTALLY up to you. Some may say one is better sounding, but they exactly the same.
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the custom is better looking which you will be thankful for in the long run.
ive done/am doing so many cosmetic customizations to my LP standard its insane.
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I still say an elitist will be a much better guitar, but if you don't want to go used, then I suggest you get a standard plus with a pretty top, or an ultra. I don't know about you, but I would much rather have a nice flamed top and change the pickup covers/knobs than be stuck with those ugly block inlays, the customs should have the trapezoids instead of the standards, in fact, they should all have trapezoids.
Depends, custom for people who want nice looking guitars. I'd buy the Standard and change tuners +pickups.
yeah... standard... also check out the cherry sunburst color its freakin awsome! (thats what i've got)

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Get the elitist custom alpine white. That paint is soooo sexy.,
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I bought a referbished epiphone les paul cutom in white off musicians friend and they said i would not be able to tell the difference between it and the non referbished. man did i get ripped off it it had a huge dent in the back of the headstock, had a big scratch buy the nut and the inlays around the neck were not done very well. o well dosent effect my playing but it drives me nuts. o yah get a custom!
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The customs are a tad shinier and the bindings on its headstock look cooler. That's all...besides Korea and China (I presume Customs are still made in Korea?)
ya I have an epi LP Custom. Amazing guitar. It seems pretty much the same to the standard and gold top, but I like the look of it better. Really its the gold pickups that take it for me. Here are 2 customs here. The black one is the same that the other guy put up, and the white one is exactly like mine.

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