Somthing i need to know is why do bassist always use a clean channel in a heavy metal setting? Or am i wrong about this? but it seems to me that whenever i listen to trivium, bullet, rammstein, and other metal (some disagree but keep the genre-critique out for a moment) bands. anyhow, what i mean is the guitars have a blaring distortion and the bass is over there just chillin with clean with no distortion. but am i wrong about this?
A lot of the time the song will sound fuller if the bass isn't distorted, and maybe thats what the bassist/band prefers. I have a distortion pedal but I don't use it much with my band no matter how distorted the guitars are because I don't think it doesn't sound as good.
if a bass uses lots of distortion it just sounds like another guitar sometimes, its often better to keep the bass clean

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