A couple months ago I got a Cry baby GCB 95 and played for about a week and it stopped working for no reason. I sold it on eBay as a broken pedal and the person that bought it said all they did was put a battery in it and played and it worked fine. So, after posting on this forum I learned that Wa pedal sucks anyways so I got a 535Q and the same thing happened. I played it and it worked for 3 days or so and then stopped working. I held on to it though because I am thinking the same thing that happened with the last one happened with this one and this one actually does still work. What do you think could be wrong? Is it a gear problem, like my pedal doesn't like my crappy $100 guitar or something else?

right so you bought a crybaby
didnt repalce the battery
and sold it for like a third of the price?
hahaha gutted
Replace the battery...

Second, buy an AC adapter so it isn't based off of batteries.
it sounds broken beyond repair, but i'll buy it from you LOL, change the battery.
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have you tried to put another battery in it ?
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I used the first one and the second with adaptors. I never tried the 95 with a battery, but I used an adapter on the second one and it worked for a few days and I tried a battery after it stopped working and still nothing. I actually only got like $10 less than I paid for the 95.
What version 535Q is it? What are the specs on the adaptor you used? THe newer 535Q's can be powered by a 9V adaptor and, I think, the older version required an 18V.