I ordered an Ashdown Fallen Angel 60w combo several days ago, and it came through today. I started playing it and loved it, but after about 5 minutes, the amp started making an intense humming noise. I know it isn't my guitar, and it made the same noise with my old yamaha. Any idea what it could be? It keeps coming and going, I'm thinking I might just have a faulty one...
Some help please? It even happens on the clean channel, just alot quieter.
It could be your wall outlet, you must be getting a bad ground from it or you could be getting surges. You should have the amp connected to a surge protector. Invest in a good one because it can save your electronics
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Hmm check your cables maybe?
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So far I've tried:

Different cables.
Different guitar.
Checking my guitars input jack.
Chaning settings in every way imaginable.
Standing further away.

Any idea what the problem could be?
Try it in a different room with a different power socket, even at a mates house or something if you can. Bad power sockets really can affect an amp and like jules said, get a surge protector.
strange... take it to a tech if you can't think of anything else..

ashdown amps are known for their bad quality but incredible sound
I think yours might be faulty.. I have the same amp (although 40 watt version) and it makes a little bit of hum with max gain + boost but I just use the built in noise gate with my Korg AX1500G (all it's good for tbh...) and it stops all the noise. Although I don't think I get any where near as much hum as you are saying you do...
Alright, I'll try different sockets. If it dosen't work, I'm gonna ring DolphinMusic and tell them to replace it. They shouldn't say no, its not like I've smashed my guitar into it repeatedly.