gotta choose between the ibanezgrg170dx or the washburn N1(though i like the ibanez chic look).i mostly play softrock,alternative and sometimes metallica and megadeth.PLS REPLY WHICH IS BETTER
the Ibanez has got a better sound for hard rock but as you sead.. you play more soft rock so i would go for the washburn, though the Ibanez has more of a powerful sound, the washburn has a more vintage rock sound. Persionally i would go for the Ibanez but in your case the wasburn is a better choice.
Personally i'd go for the ibenez i have one and it's awsome, one probleam is i have not played the washburn.

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Well it seems like you play a wide variety of things. I love Ibanez, and there is nothing you can do to stop me, SO THERE! But, I am not sure if it is entirely the right choice for you in this situation. Have seen the Washburn, but don't know much about it.
What current guitar + amp do you have?
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