What are some good all-acoustic cutaways for under $500, preferrably closer to $300-$400? Also, why is it that they are much harder to find than an acoustic-electric cutaway? I notice a lot of the big-name companies in this price range don't even make all-acoustic cutaways.
The epiphone PR5e is a pretty good guitar. Also check out Blueridge guitars. For the money they can not be beat. Check prices on the BR40CE. You will not be dissapointed.
The PR5-E is acoustic/electric. I'd like to get just a straight acoustic cutaway, if possible. You're the second person to tell me about Blueridge, so I'll check them out.
Look for some Alvarez guitars.
They make a killer low end guitar. Really really fantastic guitars for the prices

EDIT: and i forgot to metnion alot fo them come with cutaways and pickups
Look at Washburn D10SCE. Acoustic Guitar magazine awarded it Best Guitar under $500 award. Its $300, with cutaway, tuner, 4 band EQ, preamp. I own one, and couldnt be more satisfied.

EDIT: Why do u wanna avoid the pickup? I dont think it does any harm. U dont want it, dont use it. But it can help u with tuning in noisy environments.
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It's good to see that there are still people out there that want a true acoustic.

I'll second Jimtaka's recomendation.
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Unless you are going to be doing a lot of work up in the 12th fret (and higher), I wouldn't worry about it. Thats primarily the reason for a cutaway. (better access to the higher notes).

Although, personally, I just like the look of guitars which have it.
Cole Clark FL1AC Acoustic

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I would like to at least have access to higher frets and the only reason I really want a straight acoustic is because I'm yet to find an acoustic-electric that truly sounds as good as a straight acoustic without being plugged in. If I find an acou/elec tomorrow that sounds as good unplugged as plugged, then I'll definitely go for it if all else checks out. Thank you all for your thoughts and will still welcome anymore. Going to GC tomorrow and I will definitely check out that Takamine among other things. Anything wrong with Takamine's?
^that is exactly what you should do. I always tell people that if you find the guitar you want and it happens to have electronics then great, but don't look at electronics as a selling point.
Not taking any online orders.
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It's good to see that there are still people out there that want a true acoustic.

I'll second Jimtaka's recomendation.

true acoustics dont have cutaways :P
Hey, My teahers Acoustic is From Simon & Patricks.... BUt it does have pick ups, it sounds okay....

Mine is a Black Segovia Cutaway... and it was under 500 dollars.........

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