i want to learn blues and be able to solo really cool in them. i know theres lots of keys and such, im just confused as to where to start and what to learn about the.

any advice?
depents on what you know really
if you allready know hammer ons pulloffs and that sorts of things you should look in 'scales' @ 'lessons' and find the thing with blues scale in all keys and than just pick one and start practicing the scale and than start soloing. i find it verry easy to get cool things out of the blues scale so it won't be verry hard.

if you don't know hammer ons n shit you should not yet want to learn blues
I enjoy playing blues as well. Are you just starting to play guitar as a whole, or are you just branching out? One can never underestimate the value of lessons, but if you wallet is a bit tight, pick up a scale book that includes the pentatonic and blues scales. I personally use this one . Also there are couple of decent how to play blues guitar books out there, such as this one . It also includes a couple of scales, but focuses mostly on learning some simple blues riffs to get you started. It comes with an audio CD so you may play along when you are ready.

As a final word of advice, don't limit yourself to just blues. If there are other songs that you like, try to learn those too. The more you learn the more satisfied with your progress you will be. It will come slow at first, but don't worry, if you stick with it will come with time.
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wel ive been playing for about 10 months now and i already know a blues scale on the 5th fret 6th string tht sounds blues-ish and another one but it feels limited.

im just not to sure on all these different keys and scales in them, kinda confusing.
The blues can be tough because there are alot of blues purists out there. The best starting ground that I found is the minor pentatonic scale. In this case we'll say E minor pentatonic.
Start with the root note which is E, go 3 half steps up to a G, two half steps to an A, two half steps to a B then three half steps to a D and two more to get back to E. And this can be translated in any scale. The pattern looks like this (each dash is a half step, or fret in this case): 1 - - 2 - 3 - 4 - - 5 - 1. The first 1 is the root note, the second 1 is the same note in a different octave. Start on the twelth fret of the low E and play 12, 15, then to the A 12, 14, D 12,14 and that's one octave D 14 G 12, 14 B 12, 15 high E 12 and thats another octave. This pattern (the numbers, not the notes, notes will change with the key) will work in any Key and you can use any of the notes in the pattern at anytime. Then throw in some bendies and slides to make it sounds soulfull and bluesy.
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Listen to blues and pick up phrases from them. Most blues are based around the simple Pentatonic scale, as mentioned above. There are a lot of solo licks that occur very often in blues, rock and classic metal. You'll notice that when you hear them.

A good place to start is:
AC/DC - You Shook Me All Night Long, Highway to Hell
ZZ Top - La Grange
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and Joy

that's all I could think of...have fun
Hendrix really helped me learn the blues(not literally....), "Red House" for example, it's a great song to learn positions you can play in etc and it's just an amazing song.
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ok good advice so far..

so how many blues scales are in each key, are there major and minor ones?
whats what?