hey i just put this together an hour ago, its one take with me singing and playing, then another take as if i were a second player. im thinking of trying this at an open mic night when i get back up to school. usually i dont listen to this kind of music but for some reason this song sticks out at me so i wanted to try it out. crit for crit would be great, thanks.

Lips of an Angel
Your playing was excellent. If it weren't for the fact that this song was on the radio every 5 minutes, I would say I really liked it. The voice was an octave too low but it sounded good that you made it your own. The recording levels were perfect. You have a good voice. Overall 8/10.

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Did u change the guitar and the melody on purpose? And sang it an entire octave lower??
You kinda took the whole point of the song away...
It sounds like you have a decent voice, so keep practicing and learn how to use it. I'm not saying you cant sing, im saying you probably can... (And with time you will) your just not doing it properly yet. keep rockin'
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This was pretty good!!!
I liked the way u played the rhythm in this better than in the real song and your playing was really nice!!
The vocals were the only thing that were bothering me...THEY WERENT BAD! but they were just too low for the song! but if u brought the pictch up an octave it would have been perfect!!

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haha did i drop the vocals an octave? i didnt even notice. thanks for the comments so far, keep em coming.