i was wondering, is there a difference between them. i know the muff has a sustainer and some other bits and pieces but would the muff be better than a ds-1 for metal, because to be honest i cant get something quite metal enough from the ds-1. so would it be worth buying the muff or just having a mess aorund with the ds-1 a bit more?

cheers in advance.
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yeah the metal muff is IMO the best non-boutique pedal available for metal and hard rock. definitely worth it.
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Dude, get a metal zone or a B-52 AT series. Screw the DS-1.
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yeh i already own the ds-1 but i need something a lil more metal for the heavier stuff. DS-1 is great for hard and classic rock, soft stuff and middle. just the metal area its rather lacking.

Also how's the Boss MT-2?
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The EH Metal Muff for sure.

They offer a smaller and cheaper version of it now, so if you don't want/need the eq or boost then I would get it.

Don't buy any other "metal" pedal as they are all shite.
ok cheers guys.
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Epiphone EDS-1275
Epiphone Les Paul
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the MT-2 is horrible sounding. makes your amp sound like a tin can.

Man speaks the truth. Metal Muff ftw.
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The Metal zone is quite "buzzy" and does not sound good.

The DS-1 however, is a very nice sounding pedal. I recently purchased one and the distortion from the DS-1 sounds better than the internal distortion on my Valveking. The VK distortion is very muddy on the bottom unless the gain boost is engaged. Then when the gain boost is on the amp is very noisy and super sensitive. I.E. very squealy.

The DS-1 on the other hand sounds great. It has nice Marshall-ish crunch with a clear bottom end that is much more articulate than the VK's distortion. The DS-1 is not a metal pedal, there is not enough gain real "heavy metal". However, for rock it sounds great. It is really a no-brainer for $40!

The Metal-muff sounds great, and is higher gain than the DS-1, but although it says "metal", I found it to be more of a hard rock kind of distortion than metal. I only played the muff in the store though.
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The DS-1 has a rather thin sound to it. You might like it, but you probably won't find it suitable for metal. De DS-1 is mostly used to further boost and colour amp distortion because on it's own most people (incuding me) feel that it really doesn't do it's job as a distortion pedal all that well. I've gotten much betters sounds out of my G2 multieffect, even though it's digital en de DS1 is analog.
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