...end point the sound becoms very quiet...???? is their a way to fix this?

its a crate td50, something like that... it sounds good everything else works fine. except that noise is really loud and annoying. any help advice or whatever would really help

also would it be better to buy an acoustic with a pickup or to buy a pickup and put it in yourself? money-wise

Amp: Grounding issue, could be your guitar or it could be the amp itself.

Pickup: alot of options here, easiest thing is to just buy an acoustic that has one in it already.
Amp: Grounding issue

how do i fix that?

do you play very close to your amp try moving away if you do

doesnt help

Do you have a dimmer switch in or near the room the amps in?

what do you mean dimmer?
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what do you mean dimmer?

Dimmer switches are thouse light fixings which can alter the amount of light in a room. I have one in my room and it causes a buzzing similar to what you are describing.
do you have more than one guitar? if so, does the the problem occur for other guitars too? if not, take a look at the wires conecting to the output jack on your guitar, it sounds like the ground wire may need re-soldering.

also, when you touch the strings does the noise get louder? if this is the case, the wires in the output jack may need switching around... though this should only be the case if the guitar has had re-wiring of some sort, and had the jack rewired...

if you have more than one guitar, and it buzzes with all of them, im not sure i can help...

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sometimes you may need to get a new guitar output jack, I had noice when I touched my guitars strings, or any metal part. It's happening in reverse for you, but that may be the problem. might be the soldering too.
Hey, i second what these people are saying about your input jack in your guitar. it happens to me so much it isnt even funny..ive got it ghettofixed with some scotch tape right now till i get off my lazy butt to go solder it. My advice is that you should check out the problem from every angle, if you dont have another guitar then try getting a friends and testing it out, or try a new cable, or if you're risky and dont care about a warranty (this may void it) open up the back of the amp and make sure all the wires seem to be in the right place and none are just chillin in random places. Im not sure how bad the "zzzz" is but my squier used to do that but when i got my epi les paul with humbuckers and whatnot it sounded fine. so it could really be any of those things
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im guessing you have non shielded cables....get good ones

if the buzzing goes away from toughing the strings or metal control parts on your guitar, then you have an internal grounding issue with the guitar

if it buzzes no matter which guitar or which cable then you have an amp problem.