Im 24, play guitar and have started writing songs. Would ideally like to get a band together, but also looking for people to jam with and make music with.

Im into most music but would like to write stuff influenced by, but not limited to, Mark Lanegan, Sonic Youth, Pumkins. placebo, tool, and mudhoney.

I live in south east london so anyone in the city would be ideal too.
thats close enough!

Im not sure where I specified south east: tell me a little about yourself?

What kind of music u into?
Hey im probobly not what your looking for but im 15!, live in south-west london, just left my first band, i play guitar and hgave been for 2 1/2 years now,
i love my music nearly anything floats my boat!
but i have apassion for Alternative, acoustic and Indie music!
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