Hey, just a quick question....
what's a method on finding out the key of songs that are written with powerchords?
I mean, I know how to do it with full chords, because the third interval of the chords will give u big hints etc...but 5 chords don't have that....any suggestions? It's probably a real easy answer, but I'm a little stuck :P
Write out the notes in the chords.
Set them in alfabetical order.
Look at the number of sharps or flats and compare to the Co5.
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here's what i do and it hasn't failed me yet. find the intervals between the root notes of the 5ths and the "resting" 5th, i.e. say your song has E5, F#5, G5, A5, B5, C5, D5 and sounds at rest on the E5, then i would consider this an E minor scale even though the F#5 doesn't have a diminshed 5th as it normally should.