pearl jam have always owned most american bands and have always been around the top for best band of all time in america


I like the Chili's...always have ever since I heard Mothers Milk but I much prefer Pearl Jam. The Chili's have loads of good song's and loads of mediocre song's while about 95% of Pearl Jam song's kick major ass. Its not really an article...more a rant by a fan rubbed up the wrong way
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im really imprssed to see more pearl jm fans. i thought i as alone.

Dude, your never alone. And Pearl Jam are better than RHCP, I think its seriously stupid saying they copied the chili's cause they have one song out of about 190 that sounds a bit like the chili's. What a load of tards.
Ok, point 1, true.

Point 2, true - although the, "biggest debut album of all time" statement is false.

Point 3, false & bootlegs were around decades before Pearl Jam even existed, Incubus did not release bootlegs of each show. Just read this book.

Point 4, 50/50, there are plenty more varied albums out there.

Point 5, although I appreciate Pearl Jam's music, calling them the best ever band from the US is utter bullshit. Have these voters never listened to 'No code', 'Vitalogy' or 'Yield'?

Point 6, what a useless point, its all personal opinion.

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