Right, so I'm trying to increase my picking speed, and I have an exercise that seems like it would help me. All I do is find a comfortable tempo and just straight alternate pick eighth notes for like ten minutes, maybe going up and down the chromatic scale and whatnot. And then I increase the speed by about 2 bpm the next day, and so on, until I'm happy with my speed.

My question is, would it worse to do this in front of the television, or should I be completely concentrating on the exercise?
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Complete concentration.
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When I practice the only noise I want to hear is my metronome.

You need complete concentration to improve. I stop practicing and rest of five minutes if my mind begins to wonder.
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I used to do that before. now Im always on UG so im always playing anyways. But, ya it should work, just go 1-2-3-4 on all the strings and what not and its all good.
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I do that and work very well for me.
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better to play without any distractions, but noodling around while watching tv will still help you improve. make sure to get in some real practice time.
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Complete concentration & TV. Make sure you can play it correctly, then distract yourself so it becomes in the subconcious.
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Complete concentration > any other method.
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i have a question about practicing. when i go over scales and do my exercises, what and how should i sit? i normally sit in a standard chair. is that bad for me? also, when i do some alt picking exercises, i can feel my upper arm begin to hurt not incredibly, but i feel it. any remedies? thanks
dont tense up wen ur playing.raise the foot your guitar is resting on by placing it on the opposite foot if you dont have a foot rest.make sure not to slouch too much either
when it's just speed improvement you'll end up memorizing your practice runs easily, at this point you can watch tv all you want. It will flow naturally at that point and thats what you want, practicing with a natural flow will get you improving far more than if you're heavily concentrating