Hello misters (and ladies maybe)

Okay, I know this kind of threads has been done a million of times, but I can't choose between all those wah-pedals. I went to my guitar center but they only had a original crybaby, a jimi hendrix and a slash crybaby. I played them all but I just can't choose.

Any suggestions? I mostly play metal and classic rock..


PS my budget is 0-150 euro
Original crybaby, particularly for the metal
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^Original Crybabys are horrible pedals.

Threadstarter, play them next to eachother and see what you think.
Also, try out a Vox V847, great for the classic stuff, and will do metal well.
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dont get the dimebag crybaby, its practically the same thing as the 535Q but with $30 more because of a camo paint job

vox ftw
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