please tell me what a good HSS guitar is for around 200-300 pounds (sterling). i looked at the strat OBEY for 230 quid, but is it any good? please tell me of any good ones.
It's alright, £230 for basswood body and Duncan Designed pickups. However, I think you can get so much better for the price! What kinda of music styles are you after?

You can get an Ibanez RG321MH with a pickup swap for about £300, which would be pretty good. Also, if you can save up £50, look into the Washburn X50. They are pretty rad for the price, with SD pickups and coil tapping!
+1 to user above.

obey...hlf of the price you pay is for the so called 'cool' paintjob, which is actually lame in my opinion.

squiers arent great anyway...not even in their price group
i need it to sound good with hard rock distortion, clean, chorus clean. i dont need metal, but it would be nice. chili peppers, GnR, Feeder, Green day etc. i think ill leave the squier. thanks, any other suggestions?
epiphone g 400
epiphone les paul standard
Vintage's are good as far as i've heard
Look into the zwound's recommendations, they are pretty good guitars. I still advise you to look into the Washburn X50PRO, it's just really good!

You can also look into the Fender Standard Strat (Fat Strat for heavier tones), they are a much better guitar than the Squier. It's also very easy to modify it into a much better guitar. If you want heavier tones, you could try out the Ibanez SZ-320MH. Similar sound to Les Paul, but much easier access to higher frets!

I advise you try out some of these guitars in-store to see if you like the sound. It's probably your best bet to see which one you like best.

Good luck!