I have a Rogue ST-3 guitar(not much, but its something). Anyway, when im playing it whenever i mute the strings there is a ringing after the notes are muted. Anyone have any ideas what it could be?


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Well, I think you need to describe the sound more? If its feedback, turn the gain and level down on the MT-2 (why you'd use that on a DSL/TSL escapes my mind). Does this happen all the time?
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I use the MT-2 cause personally I dont much care for the distortion on the amp, plus the footswitch doesn't work correctly. Anyway, I know the problem is my guitar because the same thing happens when I play on my practice amp. its just a dull ringing noise that fades away after a second or two. Im wondering if it might be the pickups.
Could be the strings behind the nut, or if you have a trem, the springs in the back of the guitar. Whenever you hear this ringing sound, try touching the strings behind the nut and see if the sound stops. I've noticed this problem on headstocks like Fender's where there's a pretty good length to the G string behind the nut. This seems to be the problem most of the time. Some electrical tape or felt on the string will keep the unwanted noise down.