I'm looking to buy a valve amp (around £500), with a classic bluesy sound including a bit of overdrive and want to use a POD 2.0 to simulate other amps and distortions for other sounds.

Is this possible? Do you need a squeeky clean sound to utalise an amp simulator?

I imagine setting the Pod to simulate a Vox AC30 would sound different played through a clean Fender amp than a clean Marshall amp.

Does it make much difference if simulating anyway?

Any thoughts you guys?
If you get a generic sounding solid-state amp, that would be best for a neutral sound to run a modeler through. (Behringer, Cheap Marshalls, etc.)
Go with a keyboard amp and use the POD like a preamp...that would probably give you the best sound. If you get an actual amp, get something with an effects loop so you can plug the POD directly into the FX return to use only the power amp section with the POD.
theres an amp called the Atomic amp. they are made for pods and come with a tube so its suppose to sound like a tube amp and i gues it "de-digitalizes" the sound but idn. the ones i have seen have a 12" speaker. i personally havent played them but ive heard good things about them and there was one selling used at my local guitar shop i wanted to grab cuz i have a podxt, looked nice, good quality jsut never played it. i recommend trying that or a keyboard amp. Alesis makes a 300watt with a 15 inch speaker thatd be kick ass haha