Which would be better out of these two? Somebody will be trading the me50 to me and im thinking about trading it and a few other things into guitar center for a pod xt(not live) Would that be a wise choice?
umm... no.

As far as i knew guitar center doesnt do trading...

Even if it was possible. To me, Boss is better than Line 6.
They do trade ins?

Ive heard alot of clips from the line 6 forums and they sounded great, I have not heard to many boss ones.
no, it would be a terrible choice (in my opinion) because I have the ME-50 and it's pretty amazing, tough, and it's got pretty much everything you'll ever need for a long time.


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Fukd - You know the PodXT isn't a floor unit, right? If you want to use it like most floor units, I'm pretty sure there's a Line6 floorboard.
well i have the rp 120 digitech and it a good unit so maybee that will be an option the boss unit is ok but rather large

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pod xt= recording on it's own. Digital

Me50= Live and recording when used with an amp. Sounds awesome with tube gear.Digital, but better effects. If you have a decent amp, a much better choice.

Good luck

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