Walking in the halls...
Stares glancing from all eyes
I still don't know the cause
Now my friends are changing

Why does it feel like I've done something.....
Something that I never meant to do............
Your words are now smothering.................Chorus
Nobody's perfect...Except you.................

I can't write songs that people understand
Can't write music with a melody
My face should be banned
Not from T.V., but from society

My home life isn't much different
Parents are always ashamed of me
I'm sick of myself
I just want to run free
But all i can say...
Is that i'm sorry


Becoming nothing is my destiny
I'll vanish into thin air
My sorrow is the key
But not to life being fair...

Looking at myself in the mirror
I see a worthless soul
Worthless in every way but one...
Just to hear death's bell toll...

THis all must be a dream
Soon I'll wake up in my bed
Folded crooked at the crease
The pathways of my dreams
Of which I've had
And I lost them all...

wow - pretty cool lyrics!!! i can relate to them really well. its just your rhymings a bit crap. but excellant overall :P
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Thanks, yeah i wrote this while in English class..i haven't gotten to edit it yet or nething..so it'll be better when i'm done...thanks!