I've had a zoom g2 for the last year and a bit and have had no problems, but a couple of days ago it has started acting strangely. when i turn it on, it sometime sticks on the 'G2' display that comes up before the patch setting. more often, it will work fine for the first patch to come up, but when i switch patches or edit the patch, it will just stop sending any signal, and freezes. i cant change patches or edit, or use the drum machine. does anyopne else have a g2, and if so, has this happened to them? can they recommend a way to fix it, or if it can be fixed. thankyou kids . . .
Would anybody help me with my Zoom G2. I have just bought it, but now it does not work already properly. I have dot in right-lower corner blinking, and pedal does not affect on anything when i am pressing different buttons or smth.. It is just blinking, and i cannot turn the device into last stable mode. Maybe someone had such a problem? Please, help!!!!!
it sounds like a major f*ck up, man! I cant think of anything thatd make it do that. checked the handbook? might say something in there . . . otherwise apperntly the only way to get it 'repaired' is to talk to the people you bought it off and have them send it back to zoom. cos its all digital and sealed no one will touch it . . . lifes a bitch