im a more of a fender player, and never owned anything apart from fender.

i tried the epi, and it was good enough, but not so good with cleans, but then i say this thing


thing is, alot of my songs are clean, but have distortion parts in them. my guess is that the generation will be better clean, ut how will it act distorted?

i play like a fusion of...alice in chains and sort of metal on rhythm, and i sing.
I still say the Epi. Odds are you won't need a piezo pickup unless you're playing acoustic stuff with it too.
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Not saying anything bad about Epiphone G-400's , but I don't like mine much. It's very neck-heavy. I learned that if you're going to invest $400+ into a guitar , at least stand up while playing the f*cker to make sure it's all set to go before you buy.
i have a roland cube at home, and at gigs whatever we can get. usually hughes and kettners tube of somekind. sometimes a fender of somekind. both those are cabs...i cant get my own coz i live in an apartement and if i owned one i oculdnt keep it anywhere, or play it loud.